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           Debt Recovery for Professionals and Companies

           Cross-Border Dispute Resolution

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  • Business & Professional Activity: Starting-up in Europe

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  • Partner Search and Closing Programs
  • Interim Management Assistance
  • Export & Foreign Professional Associate Roll-Out Programs

Business & Professional Activity: Starting-up in Europe

If you are considering setting up your activities abroad you might want to consider consulting with our firm for an initial free session to assess if this step is appropriate for your company or firm.

Partner Search and Closing Programs

We provide programs for clients to search for and close agreements with  interested  potential partners,  who also are considering additional  professional or business activities.

Interim Management Assistance

When managers and partners are in need of additional temporary  business or professional assistance, while decisions are being considered regarding directional strategy – or  to add support while searching for replacements or developing  expansion plans, this may be a solution to consider.

 Export & Foreign Professional Associate Roll-Out Programs

To expand products and services abroad, it is necessary to assess opportunities in depth. To export or expand other activities, you need to be certain your company or firm can indeed provide what your venture is  really capable of  delivering to meet the high expectations international distributors and foreign associates will demand.

Debt Recovery for Professionals and Companies

Our group and its associates have developed considerable expertise in assisting intellectual property and other professional firms and selective businesses with difficulties they have in recovering depts internationally – not only from direct clients abroad but also third party companies, customers, clients – and even other professional firms from whom they have taken instructions or orders. We do this on primarily a success fee basis, even for very old or concerning debts.

Cross-Border Dispute Resolution

Our group is part of a an extensive network of  business-orientated professionals and specialists, supplemented by legal teams available worldwide, qualified to help resolve disputes informally across international borders. We use pragmatic arguments and our knowledge of technologies and professional activities, as well as an experienced understanding of commercial law and transactions, to assist clients in settling disputes in a mediative manner and thus keep matters as much as possible out of court.