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Starting-up in Europe

Setting Up Abroad

Whether or not your company or firm is already carrying out business or professional activities in the UK or elsewhere in the European Union (EU), you will certainly be very aware of the considerable uncertainty that Brexit has raised. Regardless of the outcome, Brexit is now likely to cause quite significant disruption. However Brexit could also be a driving force for businesses or the professions looking into setting up an entity elsewhere in the EU.

Setting up an entity on the mainland of Europe or vice versa in Britain would allow you to broaden your business or your firm’s professional opportunities; it would also enable your company or firm to take advantage of markets that after Brexit may not be as available to UK or EU entities due to Brexit, thus lessening its impact on your present overall business or professional activities.

It is possible for a relatively modest cost, to set up a foreign business or professional office across the Channel, or in the UK from the Continent.  If you are seriously considering establishing an additional EU entity to protect and grow your business or professional activities, Krysium Advisors Ltd, in collaboration with other associated firms and specialists in the EU, can provide the following services to bring this about by:

  • Dispensing practical advice and experience when considering starting up in countries of interest

  • Taking the lead in helping your business or professional office establish an entity abroad, handling and overseeing the formalities together with local professionals and specialists, with whom we have an association – and as close to budget as possible

  • Providing such services as registering companies, and arranging accounting, tax advice and assistance, opening bank accounts, applying for VAT status and working with local notaries to complete the establishment process

  • Overseeing and managing program roll-outs, so our clients’ management, partners and staff have much less distraction to existing day-to-day business or professional activities during this process, than by doing this alone

  • Providing continuous backup to help avoid or deal with pitfalls during startup and early operational phases

Supplemented by:

  • Locating and assisting to put into operation business partnerships or professional collaborations to enhance growth and share risks

  • Having available interim management assistance where desirable to maintain smooth operations

  • Also carrying out export or foreign professional activity implementation programs, including providing tailored search, selection, negotiation and closing agreement services, plus other assistance to develop new relationships with chosen distributors, foreign associates, or potential customers and clients to support entry into additional markets

  • Assisting in keeping problem issues at bay, including making use of our Dispute Resolution and Debt Recovery services – if needed (see further our website pages)

Why use us?

We are a well-established international professional and business advisory firm with a wide background in assisting foreign businesses and professional services firms carry out and enhance activities abroad, as well as providing interim management to companies or firms in order to help them better establish themselves in various EU countries or to simply reinvigorate their existing foreign business or professional activities. Our team has long term domestic and foreign management, professional, marketing, technical and trouble-shooting experience to help make your project a success.

We offer an initial free consultation for up to two hours, either on site or by telephone conference to first assess whether or not it would indeed be suitable for your business or professional firm to set up an entity or activity abroad and on what basis.

Following this initial consultation, if agreed, we would then conduct a compact, modest cost feasibility study, following agreed parameters, together with a proposed step-by-step implementation package suitable to meet required agreed operating needs.

This program would also put you and your colleagues in contact with local professional firms or specialized associates to eventually carry out required tasks to start up activities in your chosen country.  This process would be properly monitored by our firm to maintain progress so actions proceed within agreed time commitments to meet completion dates.  In short we oversee programs to be sure they are properly managed, meets their aims and stay within budget as much as possible.

We are first concentrating on starting programs operating in Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK as locations to set up entities or start new activities, primarily because of their being geographically close to each other, making the logistics of entry easier.  And they are near to or are themselves major markets.  Also their business/professional like-mindedness in carrying out cross-border activities is relatively compatible within these areas.  We can of course introduce your business or professional activities into other countries should you wish, depending upon your field of business or services; this also includes North America and selective other countries as well

Please consult our Range of  International Professional and Business Services under “Services” after the Home Page on this website.

Our charges are usually on a per hour or per day basis, plus agreed expenses, dependant upon the service provided.