Export & Foreign Professional Associate Roll-Out Programs

Export & Foreign Associate Roll-Out Programs

The primary aim of this program is to help your company or firm start, develop, or greatly improve its performance outside its home market by creating and implementing for your company or firm a tailor-made sales and marketing effort best-suited to your business or professional activities, targeted toward selective foreign markets.

Our group and its foreign and domestic associates provide step-by-step advice and assistance, beginning at management or partner level, working through your organization.  As you learn from us, we learn more about your activities.  Our aim is to enable your company or firm to manage complete responsibility for exports or professional foreign services where required.  From that point onwards, as needed, we can monitor and assist in selective situations.

Field Work

We help plan, develop and implement a direct export sales management program or expansion of professional activities, helping to build a carefully selected network of foreign (or domestic) distributors or associates.  This will enable your business or firm to meet attainable objectives even where products or services do not yet have a track record in a particular region.  As part of this process we carry out a current field market survey covering competition, pricing fees, preliminary checks on local technical, legal and other restrictions and requirements which are vital to ensure successful introduction of your products or services into target markets and to identify and help deal with any obstacles, particularly involving foreign activities.

When searching for distributors or associates, potential targets are pre-screened according to a number of criteria such as their position in the marketplace, their marketing and pricing/fee policies, how your products or services could fit into their existing program and – most importantly – how cooperatively we feel they would work with your company or firm.

Search steps include:

  • Assistance in developing a features and cost benefits analysis of your products or services for the particular market involved

  • Researching and interviewing potential foreign or domestic distributor or associate targets, at first by email and by phone

  • Production of a short list of candidates ranked in order of preference

  • A profile of your firm to be sent anonymously to potential distributors or associates for them to carry out their own internal assessment. This allows you to present your products or professional services to potential targets in more depth in order for preferred choices to better ascertain how your activities best fit into their own portfolio or sales programs

  • Ascertaining the degree of interest of candidates, weighed  against other candidates,  so final selections can be made

  • More involved discussions with candidates follow, eventually leading toward closing agreements or collaborations

  • Follow-up with your company or firm leading to your team becoming more directly involved, including personal visits to chosen targets

Inside Work

An important feature of this program is inside assistance which we can provide to your staff so they become truly service and export/foreign associate-minded, stressing timely and effective communication, order/assignment processing, deliverables and procedures, as well as downstream service, training, keeping to commitments and handling of complaints.  In other words – we provide a complete service to assist your company or firm to manage and oversee your foreign program, both in-house and abroad, should you wish.

If your company is already involved in foreign activities we can also perform an audit to review and help you improve your company’s or firm’s existing performance abroad.

We can also help you discover opportunities emerging out of possible foreign collaboration, joint ventures or licensing activities.

We have fully qualified individuals within our group to provide necessary marketing/sales, product, technical and professional/management skills required to make such transactions successful.

Our Charges

Our program charges are designed to earn back for your company or firm the cost of our assistance to as great an extent as possible, sometimes through part time paid and part performance-based fees or commissions – should you wish.

We first provide a two hour session at no initial cost to assess your objectives, products or services and give our initial view on where your business or services can best benefit, especially abroad.

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